Assignment: One-page report

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Description of Assignment


Respond to one of the questions below.  This is not a research paper.  There are no correct or incorrect responses to these questions.  You will be graded on how well you make your argument.  A small portion of your grade will be based on proper grammar and spelling.


1.      In 1995, a young couple went on a murder spree after watching “Natural Born Killers” over 20 times.  A suit was filed against the filmmaker, Oliver Stone, holding him partially accountable.  Do you think films and music can lead people into committing violent acts?  Who is to blame – the criminal, the artist or society in general


2.      Television talk shows like “Jerry Springer” and “Jenny Jones” focus on lurid topics, exploiting the personal problems of guests.  Have shows like these lowered cultural standards in America or are they harmless forms of entertainment?


3.  What is your opinion of reporters being embedded with U.S. troops during the recent war in Iraq?  Does it help build support for the war?  Do you feel reporters give away too much information that could place soldiers in danger?  What other reactions did you have to the coverage?


4.   Make up your own question on mass media.  Critique one specific aspect of mass media influence on society.




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