Project II: Social Media- Dealing with Negativity

Purpose: To help students understand some of the challenges of social media marketing.

Background: Social networking sites give their members the opportunity to post and delete comments, which means that organizations have to deal with criticism and complaints in a public forum.

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Preparation Instructions:

1. Compose your response to this activity in Microsoft Word.

2. The assignment should be formatted and typed using Times New Roman, 12pt font.

3. Use APA 7th edition formatting for citations and references where applicable.

Content Instructions:

1. Locate a business or product page on Facebook or some other social media platform.

2. Find three or four examples of complaints and criticisms from consumers, and note how the organization responded to these negative posts.

3. Write a minimum 500 word paper evaluating the brand’s approach to addressing negative comments, including a few screen shots and/or links to examples (screen shot and links are not counted in the word count).

4. In addition to #3, also address the following questions:

a. In what ways is it challenging to address negativity publicly?

b. In what ways is it beneficial for organizations to have the opportunity to address

issues publicly?

c. Do you think brands should delete or hide negative comments?

d. How does this compare to how individuals handle criticism or conflict on their

personal social media accounts?

5. Be sure to include an introduction paragraph and a conclusion paragraph.


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