Management Principles and Practices – Assignment 4

Module 4 Assignment: Controlling


This assignment is divided into three parts. In Parts A and B you will consider control in two cases—the case of Air Canada and WestJet Airlines and the case of the FBI. In Part C, you will consider feedback and control systems in an organization with which you are familiar.

This assignment is out of 100 marks and will count for 10 per cent of your total course mark. The breakdown of marks is as follows:

Part Marks
Part A: Air Canada and WestJet Airlines 50
Part B: A Control Concern at the FBI 50
Total 100

Part C: Controlling contributes toward your major project and will count for 8 per cent of your major project mark.

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Part A: Air Canada and WestJet Airlines (50 marks)

In this part of the assignment, you will use your knowledge of control and apply it to a real-life case.

  1. Read the “Air Canada and WestJet Airlines” case on page 338 of your textbook, and then answer the following two questions (the first question is on page 338 in the textbook):
    1. Should Lafond have given Hill his password? What other ethical issue do you see in this case? What should Air Canada’s chief information officer do to ensure that information is available to those who need it but is not available to outsiders who may use the information for competitive advantage? (30 marks)
    2. Which of employees, equipment, or written procedures is most important in protecting a company’s information or other valuable resources? Explain your choice. (20 marks)
Part B: A Control Concern at the FBI (50 marks)

Read the application “A Control Concern at the FBI” on pages 338 and 339 of your textbook. Then answer the following two questions:

  1. Assume you are the director of the FBI. This information has just been given to you. What would you do? Explain your reasoning. (30 marks)
  2. “Every agent plays a role in controlling work activities at the FBI.” Do you agree or do you think that only the director and other managers within the FBI are responsible for control? Explain your reasoning. (20 marks)
Part C: Controlling (Major Project) (8% of your major project mark)

Write a two- to three- page report (approximately 500 to 750 words) that answers the following questions:

  • Describe several types of controls (feedforward, concurrent, feedback) that are present in an organization or group with which you are familiar (business or otherwise). (15 marks)
  • What kind of feedback do these controls provide, and why are the controls necessary? If you do not think the controls are necessary, justify your stance. (20 marks)
  • What is the nature of the feedback in your organization or group? Is it positive or negative? If it is negative, how could you initiate changes that could result in feedback being viewed as positive? (25 marks)
  • What kind of feedback and controls do you personally prefer? Why? (15 marks)
  • Outline a plan of action for improving the control system for your organization or group. (25 marks)


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