Java Library

***************This is first part and is done. Please read below **************** Java Library Sort Specification: Consider a Library that contains Books written by Authors. Implement a program to read and search the text database for a Library. The project will be graded according the criteria for the final project – see below. Elaboration: Use the following classes: Library Book Title Genre Author Address Use the ArrayList class to hold instances of Book and Author. Be sure to use generics appropriately. Use a text data file with the following format – which you may extend, and may be extended in the later projects B:index:Title:Genre:price:index of Author A:index:name:street address:city:state:zip:phone 4. All the classes should be provided with appropriate: constructors toString implementations additional methods instance variables connecting the class to appropriate instances of other classe 5. A GUI that will display allow the user to minimally: search on book or author index search on Title seach on Genre 6. The GUI class(es) should be distinct from the other classes in the program. Deliverables Java source code files any configuration files used a well-written Word document describing: your overall design, including a UML class diagram showing the type of the class relationships description of how to set up your application your test plan, including test data and results, with screen snapshots of each of your test cases your approach, lessons learned, design strengths and limitations, and suggestions for future improvement and alternative approaches Format Documentation format and length. The documentation describing and reflecting on your design and approach should be written using Microsoft Word, and should be no more than five pages in length and no less than two pages. The font size should be 12 point. The page margins should be one inch. The paragraphs should be double spaced. All figures, tables, equations, and references should be properly labeled and formatted using APA style. Code format: header comment block appropriate comments within the code appropriate variable and function names correct indentation ********This is the part I need help with*********************************** Extend assignment above to use advanced data structures and support sorting on various keys. The assignment will be graded according the criteria for the final project – see below. Elaboration: Use the Map class to support efficient searching on book and author indices. Implement comparators to support sorting by title, genre, price and index Extend the GUI from assignment above to allow the user to: sort by title, genre, price and index Again, the GUI elements should be distinct from the other classes in the program.


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