I’ve got 400ish words on this. Can you help me by expanding it to around 800? “Money is the best friend…

I’ve got 400ish words on this. Can you help me by expanding it to around 800?

“Money is the best friend a man ever had”

I don’t know about all of you, but I certainly don’t think this is true. Money is a man’s best friend? No. Money is more like a bystander, a completely neutral observer. Sure, money is great when you have it. It allows you to attain that new Xbox game or a pair of designer jeans which you have desired with great voracity. This brings you happiness. It’s natural, everyone is materialistic to a certain extent. But money is not a friend, I repeat this again. It is not your friend. When you are depressed, disconsolate, and dejected, money will not console or comfort you. Only people can do that. A best friend should be by your side through good times and bad, yet money comes and goes with the wind. As I’ve already said, it can bring you happiness, but can such levels of sheer unmitigated joy not be achieved without money? Look back to the last time you were happy, truly happy. Was it because of money? No, of course it wasn’t.

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However, money can be looked at in another way too. Money most definitely isn’t your friend, but it is certainly not your enemy. It cannot cheat or lie to you, it has no malicious intent towards you. As a commodity, it cannot harm you in the same way a person can, but it can harm you in many other ways. I’ll put it simply: People who have never known poverty have different values to people who have never known affluence. The more money you’re born with, the less you appreciate life. You don’t know the struggle that comes with getting it, or the satisfaction you receive from your reward after a hard day’s work. And struggling is good. Having a difficult time getting by is incredibly character-building. It forces you to learn to appreciate the little things in life instead of eternally wanting more. So, in a way, a lack of money is a good thing.

The way I see it is that there should be a balance of sorts. If you want money, you must earn it, work for it. An equivalent exchange, if you will. Your employer’s money in exchange for your time and work. It will teach you not to rely on money, as it won’t always be there.


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