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SPSS t Test Assignment Instructions


Read the case study provided below and choose the appropriate t test. Then, using the SPSS t Test Data Set, run the t test, analyze the data, and report the results in a properly formatted APA Results section. 

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Please be sure to include the following elements in the Results section:


1.      The assumption tests and their results

2.      An adequate report of the descriptive statistics

3.      The null hypothesis

4.      The results of the t test

5.      The decision regarding the null hypothesis. 


For the purpose of this assignment do not transform or change any variables if assumptions are not met. Conduct and report the most appropriate t test; simply note violations.


Review the SPSS t Test Assignment Grading Rubric for grading details. Submit this assignment in a Word document by the end of Module/Week 4.


Case Study


A researcher wanted to answer the following question: What is the difference in students’ computer anxiety based on whether or not they own computers? The researcher surveyed 92 undergraduate education students via an online survey. In the survey, the researcher asked a yes-or-no question to determine if students owned computers. Participants’ computer anxiety was measured using the Computer Anxiety Scale. Scores ranged from 0 to 40 with higher scores reflecting greater computer anxiety. This variable was measured on the interval scale. The researcher analyzed the data using what t test?



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