Intl Trade Mgmt Business Plan

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This is an international business trade management business plan assignment. 25 pages max. More information enclosed in the International Business Plan Project Requirement’s pdf enclosed.

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Since its a international business trade management plan, the main purpose of it, is to analyze a company launching its product into a new business market.


We choose Nokia Entering ( Lumia 920) into morocco Markets as the theme of the plan. Nokia’s Lumia 920 Recently launched, entering into Morocco Market. Headquarters we have decided it to be at Casablanca, Morocco since it is a big city. Again you can mould the plan according to your fictional yet realistic writing.


Sample Business plan enclosed in the attachments.


There is no hard and fast rule for the project. You can write it fictionally as it does not need to be exact statistics and figures but for a company launching its product into a new market. Its a International Business Trade Management business plan. The sample plan enclosed in given for reference. Also please make to read the International trade management business plan requirements pdf enclosed as it gives more information.


The plan would include


1. Executive Summary( 1 Page maximum)


2. Corporate Profile and Nature of Business                                                         

– Company Background (Nokia)

– Description of Business and Product + technical  specifications (annexe)

– Core Competencies

– Description of Product(Nokia Lumia 920)

– Key Milestones

– Background for Exporting


3. Management and Human Resources                                                            

– New Export Structure

– Senior Management Roles and Background

– External Expertise


4. Target Market and Environmental Scan                                                             

– Environmental Scan

– Business Climate for phone industry

– Major Commercial Risks

– Consumer Profile

– Nokia Ability to Meet Market Demands


5. Market Entry and Marketing Strategy

– SWOT Analysis                                                                                                        

– Market Entry

– Product, Place, Price and Promotion Strategy

– Criteria and Sourcing of Export Partner


6. Operations Overview and Supply Chain Management

– Domestic versus Export Operational Structure

– Key Changes as a Result of Exporting

– Maintenance of Competitive Advantage


7. Financial Analysis and Risk Management

– Current Financial Standing

– Export Cost Accounting

– Profitability of Venture

– Impact on Company’s Cash Flow

– Payment Method

– Risk Management Strategy


8. Conclusion and recommendations


Mention APA referrencing where-ever used.










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