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Please answer original forum and respond to both students separately with a minimum of 100 words each

page 1 Original Forum with References 

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Original Forum 


Continue using your Term Paper Template file, which you have renamed according to the following convention: LastnameFirstnameTermPaperOutline (eg., HandKarenTermPaperOutline). You will use this same file throughout the semester to complete each week’s assignment, and will turn in the completed file as your Term Paper at the end of Week 7.

This week you will write the Your Company’s Infrastructure and Information Systems Needs section of your term paper. Topics to cover in this section include your plan for your company’s IT infrastructure (chapter 5), use of telecommunications, networking and wireless technologies (chapter 7), use of functional information systems, such as production and operations, marketing and sales, accounting and finance, and human resource information systems (chapter 2), use of enterprise applications for supply chain management and customer relationship management (chapter 9), and an analysis of your company’s internal operations against Porter’s value chain model, with a recommendation for how IT can be used in your organization’s value chain to increase your organization’s efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness (chapter 3)

When you are finished, copy and paste the Your Company’s Infrastructure and Information Systems Needs section of your term paper into a post and post it to the discussion board.

Student Response 


Information Infrastructure

No doubt information infrastructure is the backbone of using technology and heavily relying on those system to maintain the overall integrity. Of all the data beginning stored and utilizes to a successful and safe business environment. The information system combined with the infrastructure is the bases for my networking systems, telecommunication, software, databases, and the necessary hardware. With all of these avenues of communication paired together will help in making this a global enterprise. Just by simply using an APP, website, our phone. The information system is highly important because it maintains employees, customers, and the employer information. With that said we must ensure that our plan for this system must be clear, concise, and direct. 

Organization of information services

                    Information services can be sourced outside of the organization to a third-party echelon. Or it can also be source within the organization it truly all depends on the situation at hand and if the capabilities exist in house.  For my company particular we would consider having both in house technician for quick fixes and minor issue. As well as outside source that have the capability to manage the amount that is require for such a cleaning service company.  

Information systems security and control

            As I have already mentioned the company in itself will proved data to the employer, costumer, employees, to include everyone who is monitoring the networking systems.  This is why Information security is a great quality and control measure to have in place and implanted. Information security control is a system that protects our company from unwanted cyber-attacks, various, and any other data breeches to the infrastructure.

Your Company’s Use of the Internet


            The primary use of the internet by my company is to advertise, schedule appointments, virtual walkthroughs, collect payments, order supplies, and make payroll. The internet allows flexibility for my organization to conduct business twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.


The company’s Headquarter will consist of a rented space in an office building for conducting company’s business.  On location we will have a small network to manage the day-to-day activities of the business and employees.  On site we will have one IT personnel to manage the network, one HR admin for the administrative duties of the employees.  The goal is to go into the client’s network and build out the infrastructure using servers to run the services needed for communications.  In this scenario we would have our equipment in the LAN room of the client and be granted administrative access from our desktop computers or laptops provided by the client. 

Our team will configure a management suite to manage, configure and monitor all systems within the network.  The system will be a web base system utilizing the windows Server 12 or higher software.  To add into the infrastructure, we will purchase a chassis which can hold up to 10 video/audio cards.  The chassis will give us the availability to do VoIP calls, Video calls, recording, calls from one platform to another (H323 to ISDN or ISDN to H323) and limited management capabilities.  For agencies using other platform such as SIP dialing and firewall traversal, we will install and configure a Video Communication Server (VCS).  The VCS allows us to traverse the firewall without having to open many ports, using only H323 or SIP ports to make the calls.  The VCS also serves as a (SIP) Session Initiated Protocol server allowing us to go from SIP to H323 and H323 to SIP.  The endpoints we will be using will all be Cisco endpoints.

Our team would work with the network and security team to configure our servers and components needed to run our services.  We will have administrative privilege on all of our systems as they are managed by us.  Once the network is configured and operational clients will be able to communicate with us using phone, video, chat and email to schedule conferences, calls and troubleshoot any issues that arises. 


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