Do you agree that Americans are less politically involved and community spirited than a few decades ago? Why or Why not? (10 points)

Yes, I definitely agree with opinion about that.  Although millennial generation in the United States has experienced a lot of political activities such as bitter campaigns and 9/11, they would rather to show their interests on grade and performance of major courses. Someone has taken a survey concerns photo identification and basis political knowledge.  Unfortunately, the result is unsatisfied. Millennial generation is really less politically involved. Despite our generation could access to latest news with best technology such as the Internet, we don’t like making time to receive information about current affairs. On the other hand, some of American citizens have a lot of social activities during their leisure time. They would like to stay with friends and gossip on the party. I have to admit this is the best way to avoid alienation of affection with friends. But for someone doesn’t like parties, they prefer to lay on the couch or bed to play video games all the time.

3. How would you define the term plagiarism, and what are the differences between deliberate and accidental plagiarism? (10 points)

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We could find the definition about plagiarism on the textbook. Plagiarism may be defined as “submitting material that in part or whole is not entirely one’s own work without attributing those same portions to their correct source.” But for me, I will define this academic dishonesty in a simple way. Plagiarism is the behavior of stealing other’s idea. We may use quotation and paraphrasing in our article, but we should let readers know where it came from. There are some differences between deliberate and accidental plagiarism. Some students do not cheat intentionally, instead committing plagiarism accidentally. Maybe it is from simple carelessness or confusion of writer. On the contrary, deliberate plagiarism is a big deal. For example, some students like using the resource on the internet without any citation. They just put whatever they found in their essay, and pretend it is from their head. Ironically, some student will keep cheating until he or she gets caught.


4. Define demagoguery and give an example of someone you consider to be a demagogue of today. (5 points)

We use demagoguery to define those speakers who deceive or manipulate their audience. Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama is a case in point. He instigated disaffection of Tibet citizens by his speech.  Also, he claimed that the Tibetan protest is non-violent, which has twisted the truth. Actually, the violence has prompted the Dalai Lama to consider resigning as the head of the exiled government. In my opinion, politicians should undertake the responsibility of guiding public.  What Dalai Lama did is the best example of a demagogue.


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