In this project, you are required to get the Morse code signal with using a physical button connected to Arduino…

In this project, you are required to get the Morse code signal with using a physical button connected to Arduino microcontroller. You will be capturing the button presses using your Arduino sketch. Button presses will be used for entering the Morse signal. Therefore, during the button presses, considering your gap durations (gap thresholds for letter input, the letters and words. Threshold selection is left to your choice), you will convert Morse signal to the corresponding character.
You will integrate a second button for controlling data transmission and playing back the Morse signal. When the button is pressed once, your Arduino sketch will be sending the converted text to the PC using serial communication until the last click of the first button. If you double click (Hint: You can differentiate one-click and double-click by using built-in millis() function in Arduino) the second button, you will play back the Morse signal by using external LED.
Task-1 (30 points)
• Draft and design your circuit for the entire hardware schematic. This will include two buttons, one LED.
• Implement your design. Show your wiring, used Pins for Arduino connection.
Task-2 (70 points)
Develop your Arduino sketch that gets the Morse signal with first button presses. The sketch will convert the signal to text. The converted text message and signal will be stored unless the second button is pressed. The second button press is for sending the converted text to the PC through the serial communication.
Remember that one click of the second button will be used for sending the text from Arduino to the PC (Once the button is pressed, send the text to PC and clear the input buffer that you use for storing the converted text in your Arduino sketch). If you double click the second button, you will play back the Morse signal that has been entered so far by turning on/off the LED. Pay attention to your gaps while turning on/off your LED.

You will design and develop an circuit and implement Arduino sketch. Sketch will deliver all the functionalities of the task-2 described above (Note that you will need to demonstrate your system and explain the code if needed). In addition to the demonstration, you are required to write a report in IEEE paper format that will have the following parts;
• Brief summary of work done.
Introduction and Background
• Description of the problem and background information
• Motivation of using Arduino Microcontroller and information about Arduino (Do not copy- paste information. Use your own sentences).
System Architecture
• Description of hardware architecture such as your circuit design. Please include the circuit schematic such as wiring, connectivity to Arduino. You can use free software to easily create schematic.
• Description of the implementation of your Arduino Sketch; Please put your source code of your sketch in the Appendix not here.
• The pictures of your final wired circuit.
• The observations that you make during the use of the application.
The summary of the work done will be presented. This will also include possible future works that are the key points to improve the overall design presented in the paper.


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