Identifying sentence fragments, determine which of the following word groups are sentence fragments and which are complete sentences. 1. If your…

Identifying sentence fragments, determine which of the following word groups are sentence fragments and which are complete sentences.

1. If your parents think today’s fashions are weird.
2. They should see the clothes people wore in the middle ages.
3. Patterns of floral or geometric shapes popular.
4. Liked clothes that were half one color and half another.
5. Might have one green leg and one red leg.
6. People often heavy leather belts decorated with metal and jewels.
7. Edges of clothing into shapes called dagges.
8. Sleeves with streamers that were two or three feet long.
9. Shoes had long toes that were padded to retain their shape.
10. Tights of velvet or silk.
11. When clothes were edged and lined in fur.
12. Layers very common in medieval clothing.
13. Was a way of displaying wealth.
14. The more clothes a person could afford to wear, the wealthier that person was.
15. Might wear a short sleeved tunic over a long sleeved tunic, with a sleeveless man tie over all.
16. The usual head covering for men a hood with an attached shoulder cape and a long extended point, like a tail.
17. Women wore a neckcloth pinned to their braids, hiding their hair.
18. On top of the head, would wear a veil, a linen crown, or a small, round hat.
19. In the later middle ages, women wore jeweled metal nets over their coiled braids.
20. Current fashions a little boring in comparison.
21. Antarctica has the highest average elevation of the seven continents.
22. No native people on Antarctica.
23. Because it is too cold.
24. Although scientists and other works live in Antarctica for about a year at a time.
25. These people there to study many things.
26. Examine the ozone layer, sleep patterns, and fish survival in subzero temperature.
27. Ninety five percent of antarctica covered with ice.
28. Antarctica approximately 70 percent of the world’s fresh water in its ice.
29. Even though Antarctica is covered in ice and snow, it can be considered a desert.
30. A desert an area that gets very little precipitation.
31. Antarctica receives only two inches of rain each year.
32. Also has very high winds.
33. Sometimes winds as high as 200 miles per hour.
34. Many animals in the ocean around Antarctica.
35. Include whales and seals.
36. One type of bird found on Antarctica is the penguin.
37. Antarctica so isolated that its snow and ice are very pure.
38. The continent is far away from pollution.
39. A mountain range across the continent.
40. Antartica’s mount erbus an active volcano.


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