I need these questions answered. 1) What public relations tactics did the government use to influence public opinion during World War…

I need these questions answered.

1) What public relations tactics did the government use to influence public opinion during World War I? Why do you think these tactics worked so effectively in gaining the public’s support for the war compared with the government’s public relations efforts during the Vietnam War and the War in Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom)?

2) How does public relations differ from advertising? What are the similarities?

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3) British Petroleum (BP) came under heavy public criticism after the Gulf Oil Rig Spill a little over two years ago. This spill heavily contaminated the water, killed a multitude of wildlife, and severely damaged the business of the fishing industry and the local economies. The cleanup from the spill still hasn’t been completed, and BP has had to pay out billions of dollars in restitution. What crisis management tactics did the company employ to try and influence public opinion in their favor? What other public relations tools did the company use to try and repair their damaged corporate brand? In your opinion, how effective was their public relations campaign in the first few months following the oil rig explosion? (You can watch some of the commercials that BP used to influence public opinion on YouTube).

4) Exactly 60 years ago, during the Presidential Campaign of 1952, California Senator and Vice Presidential nominee Richard Nixon was involved in a political scandal involving a fund set up by his backers to reimburse him for political expenses. With his nomination for Vice President in doubt, Nixon went on national television and radio to deliver a 30 minute speech. This speech became known as “The Checkers Speech”. Many historians believe it was one of the most effective public relations (damage control) speeches ever given, and it overwhelmingly turned the public’s opinion in Nixon’s favor. Based on your research, why was the speech so effective? What public relations tools did Nixon use during the speech? (Note: if you wish to watch a portion of the video footage or read the entire transcript of the speech, open a new web page, and copy and paste the web link below)


5)What new advertising tactics are being devised? How do these tactics increase the visibility of the products they advertise?

6) Provide a recent example of when an advertising campaign had an effect on your decision to purchase a product. What aspect of the advertising campaign influenced your purchasing decision? Finally, what role did the product’s brand name play in your decision to purchase it?


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