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I need an expert to solve these questions. 1_Victoria is complaining of a fluttering heartbeat and an occasional racing heart rate. This is happening at various times throughout the day. Her cardiologist decides to put her on a Halter Monitor for 48-hours to monitor her heart only (not her brain), and sends her immediately to the __________ to have this done. Answer a. Cardiology technologist b. Surgical technologist c. EKG technologist d. EEG technologist 2_Nurse Practitioners have advanced training and education to work in conjunction with physicians in caring for patients. This allows them to handle nursing responsibilities as well as many functions normally handled by the physician. Their education allows them to take a patient's history, perform physical examinations and certain preventative health measures, order and interpret lab and diagnositic tests, treat minor illness, and at times more complex illnesses. Select the best description of the education and training they must receive to practice as a Nurse practicioner. Answer A RN education/degree from an accredited school of nursing A an accredited program for nurse practitioners to obtain additional skills in judgment and decision-making Registration and certification if practicing in Ohio All of the above 3-Theresa is interested in holistic medicine and the use of natural rememedies such as herbs. What type of physician would best meet her needs? Answer a. Homeopathic physician b. Osteopathic doctor c. Chiropractor d. Cardiologist 4-Physical and occupational therapists work closely with orthopedic surgeons because these physicians specialize in skeletal problems and often send their patients to therapy for continued rehabilitation. Answer a. True b. False 5- Match the description to the profession Answer A ____________ is a registered nurse with advanced training, who performs nursing duties and many functions handled by physicians. Read Answer Items for Question 5 A_______ provides care for sick and injured individuals and also supervises orderlies, nursing assistants, and licesnsed practical nurses. Read Answer Items for Question 5 A ______ often has the most contact with patients and assists nurses and medical staff. He/she must complete a 75 hour training program in the state of Ohio Read Answer Items for Question 5 _____ work under the supervision and direction of the physician and registered nurse providing basic care to patients who are injured, ill, convalescing, elderly or handicapped Read Answer Items for Question 5 Answer A. registered nurse B. licensed practical nurse C. nursing assistant D. nurse practitioner 6- Match the description to the profession Answer Uses dance and movement to treat physical, mental, and/or emotional disabilities in patients. Read Answer Items for Question 6 Utilizes music or musical activities to treat physical, mental, and/or emotional disabilities in patients. Read Answer Items for Question 6 Develops therapies and exercise modalities to help patients ease pain, recover from injury or illness, and regain use of body parts Read Answer Items for Question 6 Works to help patients become more independent in performing daily life skills and work skills. Read Answer Items for Question 6 Answer A. Physical Therapist B. Dance Therapist C. Music Therapist D. Occupational Therapist 7- Robin was tired of her husband Brad not listening to her constant demands. She decided to have the wax cleaned out of Brad's ears, and to then have him fitted for hearing aides. These procedures would be performed by a(n): Answer a. Optometrist b. Audiologist c. Medical technologist d. Speech-language pathologist 8- Which of the following health care professions require at least a Master's degree in order to practice? Answer Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and Occupational therapy assistant Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and Dance therapy Music therapy, Physical therapy, and Occupational therapy Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and Respiratory therapy



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