i have to answer these Questions in essay. QUESTIONS 1. Is Beowulf more of an epic or an elegy? In answering…

i have to answer these Questions in essay. QUESTIONS
1. Is Beowulf more of an epic or an elegy? In answering this question to support your argument, you are to discuss three other texts from our readings that have epic or elegiac qualities.
2. Compare and contrast the roles of women in two Anglo-Saxon texts and two Middle English texts. Which tradition presents a more favorable portrayal of women, or is the representation of women uniform across these texts from two distinct periods?
3. Compare and contrast the natural world (i. e., the outdoors) with the world of humans (i. e., cities, buildings, homes). Focus on four different texts (one of which must be The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales), and argue which world is more hospitable.
4. Compare and contrast three heroes found in our texts, and argue for the one whom you deem to be the most heroic. Do not write on Chaucer’s Knight. You might consider armor, speech, manners, and values. How does the hero, faced with seemingly insurmountable odds or in defeat, represent ideals of the heroic held by the author and his culture? Keep in mind that if some characters appear in more than one text that we have read, you will need to examine more than three texts.
5. Several texts are filled with humans who are dangerous, while other texts have non-humans (monsters, spectral figures, beasts) who are dangerous. Compare and contrast two human characters with two non-human characters; each character must come from a different text. Determine which is more dangerous, the non-human or the human.


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