I am not clear on what formulas or even how to do the assignment below. if I need to pay more let me know

  1. Sales: The marketing expert and the newly created customer service personnel developed sales projections based on historical data and forecast research.
  2. Other cash receipt: Rental income $15,000 per month.
  3. Production material: The production manager forecasted material cost based on cost quotes from reliable vendors, the average of which is 50 percent of sales.
  4. Other production cost: Based on historical cost data, this cost on an average is 30 percent of the material cost and occurs in the month after material purchase.
  5. Selling and marketing expense: Five percent of sales
  6. General and administrative expense: Twenty percent of sales
  7. Interest payments: Payable in December – $75, 000
  8. Tax payments: Quarterly due 15th of April, July, October, and January – $15,000
  9. Minimum cash balance desired: – $ 25,000 per month
  10. Cash balance start of month (December):$15,000
  11. Available short-term annual interest rate is 8 percent, long-term debt rate is 9 percent, and long-term equity is 10 percent. All funds would be available the first month when the firm encounters a deficit.
  12. Dividend payment: None
    Total Cash Inflow                                  
    Cash Outflows                                  
    Material Purchases (reference only)                                  
    Payment for Material Purchase                                  
      100% in month after purchase                                  
    Other Cash Payments                                  
      Other production cost 30%                                  
       of Material cost paid month                                    
       after Purchase                                  
      Selling and Marketing Expense                                  
      General and Adminstrative expenses                                  
      Interest Payment                                  
      Tax Payment                                  
      Dividend Payment                                  
    Total Cash Outlfows                                  
    Net Cash Gain/(Loss)                                  
    Cash Flow Summary                                  
    Cash Balance start of the month                                  
    Net Cash Gain/loss                                  
    Cash Balance at end of month                                  
    Minium cash Balance desired                                  
    Surplus cash (deficit)                                  
    External Financing Summary                                  
    External Financing Balance                                  
      at start of month                                  
    New Financing Required                                  
      (negative amount from cash                                  
       suplus (deficit)                                  
    External Financing Requirement                                  
    External Financing Balance                                  


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