hospitality club management project

this project will include the following:

1.choosing a theme and development

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3.description of the operations plan and positioning revenue pro forma

6.exhibits and examples

from the following list, pick one club program or activity to develop aspart of a club’s operations:

1. design and develop a club including philosophy, theme, and description of operations. and develop an 18 hole golf course.

3. design and develop a spa program including philosophy, theme, treatments and layout.

4. design and develop a specialty club restaurant including theme, menus and pricing.


you need to write minimum of 5 pages and more more than 8 pages, plus exhibits. your paper should include an introduction of two-four paragraphs, two-four paragraphs for marketing and financial, four-eight paragraphs for main content, at least two paragraphs for your summary and exhibits. exhibits should include your club layout, golf course layout or spa and restaurant layout, a list of menu or treatment items with pricing, and revenue pro forma.


the paper should be based on specific market segments, features of the physical club property, elements of the surrounding culture, and theme of the project that you are designing. MARKETINGcomponents should include your philosophy, positioning, marketing plan, pricing, and target markets served. FINANCIAL components should include cost of development, pricing, usage or rate of play, hours of operation, operating costs and a pro forma for one year of operations.


the exhibit should be the feature your paper. for example, a printout of your golf course, a layout or brochure of your club, a layout or brochureof your spa, the layout or menu of your theme restaurant. the logic of your assumptions and extent of your creativity will be key components of the grading.




the paper must be typewritten. use double-spaced 12point times new roman spelling errors, grammatical errors, or reference errors.


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