Homework Assignment for prominent_teacher

Worksheet #4

Assigned Saturday, March 23, 2013

Response due Saturday, April 6, 2013

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Research and provide answers for the following topics and terms.


The Constitution of the United States of America was ratified in 1788, and the new government under President George Washington took office in 1789. Washington held office for two terms, 1789-1796, then was followed by President John Adams from 1796-1800. Repercussions from the French Revolution dominated the administrations of Washington and Adams, whose response to that event greatly contributed to the formation of the American two-party political system that exists today. Research the following events that occurred during the administrations of George Washington and John Adams. Provide a description of events, the people involved, and the reasons why they played such an important role in the development of a US foreign policy as well as political differentiation in the United States.


1. Who was Citizen Edmond Genet? What effect did he have on the establishment of political parties in the US?


2. When and what was Jay’s Treaty? What were the issues involved? What was the result? Which political party benefited from this action?


3. What was the XYZ Affair? What were the issues that led to this event? Which political party benefitted from the situation?


4. What were the issues that led to what historians call “The Quasi-War” or “Phony War,” and how did President John Adams react to it? 


5. What were the Alien and Sedition Acts? How was Matthew Lyon and

Benjamin Franklin Bache involved?  What political party benefited

from this legislation?




6. Who wrote the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, and why were

they written?  Describe the three (3) doctrines or political philosophies,

commonly known as the Principles of ’98, that came from the VA/KY

Resolutions. What unintended precedent did these resolutions establish

that led to a major American disaster six decades later?


7. Who were the “midnight judges” and what purpose did they serve? Who was John Marshall and why was he important to the Federalists from 1800 on? 



















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