homework 2


Please read the scenario below and answer the following questions:

You are a Behavioral Health Specialist embedded within a PCP office. The patients in this clinic are a mixture of pediatrics and adults. Due to the recent news of the increase number of COVID-19 cases, the PCP has been urging its unvaccinated patients to receive the vaccine.  The patients are anxious, worried, skeptical as well as eager and excited. The PCP is overwhelmed by managing the mixture of emotions and questions and calls on you, the BHS, to create an infographic, document, handout, etc., to provide to the patients to address their questions about the vaccine and how to manage their mixture of emotions.

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Please upload your document to this discussion post. Feel free to be as creative/user friendly as possible. This is something you would give to patients that may have a range of educational experience, so make it user friendly. Please only make it ONE page, front only. 

These questions may come up in your professional settings so feel free to tweak the setting from a PCP office to your own population so you can actually use it in your work setting. 

Lastly, please use reputable sources (ie, CDC).


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