have you ever wondered what you want to be when you grow up? many of us have aspirations when we…

have you ever wondered what you want to be when you grow up? many of us have aspirations when we grow up. my name is sashi Joaquin. I’m in 7th grade,i go to m.s244. my dream is to be lawnyer. the person who inspired is my father because not only did he inspire me, he a rolemodel for me. he says ” in order to be a complete person you have to know the differences between want and need.” the steps i take in order to make my dream come true is i have to finish middle school,high school,college, and law school. my experience is most similar to dawn loggins from the article girl who grew up homeless and didn’t even know how to wash accepted into Harvard.” we both have the same dream to go to Harvard university. we both are intelligent and hardworking students. the thing i like about dawn is she is not a quitter. even though she have been bullying and name caller but doesn’t not stop her she keeps striving. life was hard for her abandoned by her parents, declared a high school dropout and living in poverty. now she graduate from Harvard. that what i love about her. she say there are no excuses. it depends on you and no one else. that quote tells me that I’m accountable for my own no else only myself. overcome obstacles and challenges makes me a strong it teach me work hard and never give up!!! even though nobody is perfect i keep striving that what makes me a better person. i believe in myself it will be long term goal but if i set my mind to it i can accomplish anything and make my dreams come true.


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