Now that you’ve read over the first half of chapter 4, recall that you learned about voting rights, as well as the basic outline of voting as a privilege. We will revisit voting RIGHTS, in the next several assignments and the exam as well, due to the endless challenge of keeping political advantage from impeding voting rights IN SOME WAY (see articles about ALEC) For now, we need to factor in the next step, elections. From the outset of this nation, elections have been the responsibility of state governments, but the PROCESS is guarded by amendments to the US Constitution, that is, how we elect US Representatives, Senators, the US President, and also WHO may vote in those elections, women, persons of color, and 18 year-olds.

Entwined in the this “shared” function of government is the opportunity for abuse, as in any process.  Also remember that elections are political institutions, like special interest groups and PACs, but government is responsible in some way for elections’ being conducted by law. 

Before we get to the trouble spots and challenges (please understand that I don’t mean historically, but also in the present) we should go over the basic system of elections in Texas.

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For WEEK 7 part 2 ASSIGNMENT, please read over sections 5-10 in chapter 4, and answer the following short answer items:

Discuss the three types of elections, i.e., primary, general, and special.

Explain the purpose of each and how each is administered and regulated. Include a statement on the purpose of a dual primary.

When do the different elections occur?


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