Global Business Final Paper! ! SHORT NOTICE ! DUE in 7 HOURS!

This is Global business ssignment final paper. DUe in 7 hours! I know it is short notice, some tutors backed up on it at the last minute, so need help!


Please find attached document for assignment details and this is a link for initial article to work on!

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1. As the Internet proliferated in the 1990’s, trade barriers increasingly fell, and trade agreements increased, more businesses across the world began to do business globally. Many countries outside the United States (U.S.) were producing products much more cheaply due to lower labor costs in those countries. As an example, when Walmart discovered many years ago that they were losing market share to other competitors, they began to look at ways to reduce costs.

After you have read about Walmart in the document below and considered this content within the context of our Chapter 15 reading in this unit, journal your thoughts and feelings, about what you have read and how this would or would not impact you.

Write your thoughts and impressions about this exercise in your Journal in an entry exceeding 100 words 


2. As a manager with Zip-6, you have been asked to accompany Ravi and Keith as part of a business meeting with Chinese government officials and leaders of several Chinese beverage firms. As a part of this, you will be meeting with other Chinese managers and government trade representatives. You know there are some aspects of business etiquette that you should be aware of so you go to this site and explore:

You may also want to read about Geert Hofstede Analysis – China.

You can research this by pasting this website URL into your Internet browser:

You want to contribute to the success of this important visit, establish some productive relationships, and do nothing that could detract from these negotiations!

After examining information regarding proper business etiquette and China, journal your responses in 1 or 2 pages to the following two questions:

  1. What steps should you take regarding etiquette to ensure a long productive relationship?
  2. What is most interesting regarding the etiquette tips you found on this site and why?





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