Forum Topic Responses: One comprehensive forum topic response is assigned weekly. Students are required to select and research one of…

Forum Topic Responses: One comprehensive forum topic response is assigned weekly. Students are required to select and research one of the forum topics listed below using a minimum of 3 reference sources in addition to the textbook and then write a 1,000-word or more response to the forum topic. Post the topic response in this forum no later than Day 2 of this week. APA format is required. Also submit your forum topic response to Turnitin through the Weekly Materials/Week 2/Assignment Submission folder for grading.

Comprehensive forum topic response contributions will be critically graded on the thought quality of the response, work effort, research, APA format, and analysis. Refer to the rubric for this assignment in the Syllabus section of Blackboard.

Select one of the following forum topics to research and write about.

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Week 2 Forum Topics – Chapter 2: Financial Statements, Cash Flow, and Taxes; Chapter 3: Analysis of Financial Statements

-The Income Statement

-The Balance Sheet

-The Importance of Cash Flow to a Corporation

-The Federal Income Tax System (Web Extension 2A)

-Ratios and Ratio Analysis

Discussion Forum: Students are expected to actively participate in the in the forum discussion. Weekly, students are required to log in a minimum of 3 separate days beginning no later than day 3. A minimum of 3 substantive participation posts (150-250 words) is required to earn full participation points.

Guidelines for student forum discussion/participation:

-Select a fellow student’s response and compare and contrast your thoughts with theirs;

-Advance the conversation; provide a real-world application and experiential examples;

-Conceptually discuss your key [most significant] learning insight or take-away from the selected forum topic comments.

-Responses should be a minimum of 150-250 words, supported by at least one reference outside of the textbook, either supporting or refuting the position of the author of the forum topic response or peer response.

In 200 words or more, create a thread comment by Day 1 of the following week on the topic coverage that was of most interest to you this week. State how the knowledge could be applied at your current or prior position and how you and/or your employer could benefit. You are strongly encouraged to post replies to other students’ reflections. By interacting with others in the class, a better learning environment can be achieved.


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