FOR HENRY: Read attachments. Write 200 words reflection

Write a reflection on something in the week’s readings that has affected you.  The readings are attached below.  Please read all the attachments.  The assignment is detailed below.


How to Write a Reflection

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Writing a reflection is multifaceted.  The writer needs to do so much before writing, and in the moment of the writing (and editing), the author must stay on track to his/her focus while giving plenty of detail for the reader to FEEL the message.  It’s as much about thinking and thinking about thinking as it is to feeling.

Reflection is a combination of cognition, emotion, and body sensations.  Here is an approach to help you reflect well.  Not only will you learn the information, but the process of reflection actually boosts the brain’s ability to make decisions.


1.  Using a quiet mind and a quiet environment, be quiet and listen to your houghts.  Reflection is quiet.

2.  Step One is Critical Thinking: Ask questions like…

  • What did I learn that I expected?  What did I learn that I didn’t expect?
  • How am I changed?
  • What will I do with this information?
  • How will I influence others with this information?

 3. Step Two:  Examine your own thinking.  How was I thinking that?  What was I thinking?  Why?  What were my biases, assumptions, etc?

 4.  Step Four (We skip gathering information.): After confidence to your learning based on the content covered, decide a writing core – a focus.

 5. Write in first person.  Write with depth – no surface only comments.  Write with specificity.  What exactly did you learn and what will you do with that new you?


Activity: Reflection Writing

The purpose of this assignment is for you to report on your learning.

Task:  You are to write a 200 word email to your instructor in email format. Must use an email format and not just the body of your content.  (200 words includes your body content and subject line (excludes to, from, date, signature information).

Task Definitive: Detail on an aspect(s) of the unit that personally affected you.  It is a reflection.  The question you are answering is ‘How does thinking show up in expression? (in your speaking) What has changed your thinking and how will you use it in your career and in your life?” 

At it’s very minimum, it is to be three paragraphs – an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.  Be sure you use business writing style!


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