Finantial WACC

Corporation’s Weighted Average Cost of Capital


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February WebWorks Instructions:


Using the data in the Excel files February Webworks Data.xlsx and SP500 earnings data.xls, calculate the weighted average cost of capital for 3M Corporation. Your estimate will be as of the day I gathered data—1/11/2013, and I believe all of the data you need is available in the two files. If you need some other data in addition to what I’ve provided, first try to get it as of 1/11/2013. If you can’t get that, then use data as of the date of your analysis.


Your submission should be a single Excel file that has your detailed calculations split up into intuitive sections with an explanation of what you are doing and why. There are a number of judgment decisions you’ll have to make in this project and you need to explain at each step what choices you had, what choice you made, and why.


For your final “numerical answer” you will need a single WACC, which will be your best guess at the company’s cost of capital given the assumptions you’ve made. Also provide a discussion about the range the actual WACC is likely to fall in based on your analysis.


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