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Evaluation of a Merger or  Acquisition

For your final essay, you will be applying the concepts  learned throughout   this course to an analysis of a merger or an acquisition.  Much of the   information you will need to complete this analysis can be found in  the   company’s annual report. You may choose any recent merger or acquisition    (within the last 5 years). Using the concepts from this course, you will   analyze  the success of the merger or acquisition.

The completed project should include the information  listed below.

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  •  Provide   an introduction to the companies involved     in the merger          or acquisition.   Include the companies’ background     information and the        reasons for the   merger.
  •  Evaluate   the financial statements of both     companies (balance        sheet, income   statement, cash flow statement).
  • Evaluate   the potential and actual risks that occurred     during the        merger and what   the companies could have done differently to     mitigate        these   risks.
  • Discuss   the companies’ management of human     capital in the merger          or acquisition.
  •  Evaluate   the soundness of the company’s     financial policies after        the merger (e.g.,   capital structure, debt,     leverage, dividend policy,        enterprise risk   management, and others.) based     on the material    covered     during class.
  •    Include   a synopsis of your findings, including     your        recommendations and rationale   for whether the merger   or acquisition was          beneficial to both companies and your     recommendation on best practices      for     moving forward.

This analysis should be at least three pages in length,  not counting the   title and reference pages. Support your findings and  recommendations with   evidence from the annual report and at least five scholarly  sources, such as   the textbook, industry reports, and articles from the CSU  Online Library. Use   APA format to cite and reference all sources, including any  websites that were   used to access company  in