Final Project ___ The banks headquarter will have:___The willThe250 users A datacenter Different departments (Create VLANs /…

Final Project

The banks headquarter will have:

The will
250 users A datacenter Different departments (Create VLANs / Subnets) 7 Floors The datacenter will be located in the middle of the building.
bank is connected to the internet meaning ISP will be involved, DMZ Firewall be required.
project will be 33 % of each of the following:
␣ Technical ␣ Communication / Presentation skills ␣ Budget / Finance (Microsoft Excel will be required)
Items needed for users at headquarter:
␣ IP phones ␣ VLANs ␣ Printers / Copiers
Items needed for the Datacenter (Datacenter is very confidential)
␣ Switches ␣ Routers ␣ Servers ␣ Work Stations ␣ IP phones ␣ Firewall / DMZ
The project will be submitted in PDF.
Final Project Part B As mentioned in Final Project Part A, the Bank Company will have 15 branches which will have
the following inventory:
1- Router 2- Switches 3- PCs / Workstations 4- 3 Printers / Copiers 5- Servers / IP Phones 6- 4 ␣ 6 Cameras 7- 1 ATM with IP address
The video captured from the cameras will be stored 7 days on site and 3 days off site. Create a different subnet for different subnet for you cameras.
For redundancy you can get 2 separates ISP line for each branch. Your ISP will give a public /30 subnet for headquarter and each branch.
On a T1 approach, you are building your own internet meaning all branches are connected to the HQ which makes it a point of failure. On an ISP approach you will use VPN to connect to HQ.
You can use a private class C IP address with the default subnet mask of for each of your subnets. Make sure not to use the same IP scheme on you branches

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