Final project

010 Reflection on diary/placement – 2000-5000 words (30%) [LO1-6]


Students should develop a Reflection on diary/placement of a minimum of 2,000 words, up to 5,000 words, including the following sections:


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Section1: Key Monthly Diary Extract

This section summaries of the whole experience. Including a table of all of the key responsibilities that were undertaken during the placement.


Section 2: Reviewing the experience (reflection)

This section might include/address:

  • Detailed overview of what happened during the month?
  • What were your initial thoughts on what happened?
  • What were the challenges that you encountered?


Section 3: Relation to literature (theorising)

This section might include/address:

  • Can you link your experience to theoretical or conceptual concepts from your prior learning?
  • How was your experience similar or different to what you were expecting, based on your academic studies?
  • Did you apply the skills and knowledge you have learnt during your studies?


Section 4: Steps for personal improvement

This section might include/address:

  • What ideas did you have for your personal improvement?
  • How did you test out your ideas for your personal improvement?
  • Did you see a change in outcomes?
  • What was the personal development that took place?



010 Marking Criteria:

Criteria 1:  Key Monthly Diary Extract (25%)

Was the description of key monthly tasks and responsibilities concise and informative?


Criteria 2:  Evidence of reviewing the experience in the context of the academic literature (25%)

Did the student identify appropriate theoretical concepts and frameworks relevant to the placement?

Did the student critically analyse their experience in the context of these theoretical concepts and frameworks, identifying similarities and differences?


Criteria 3: Evidence of development of ideas (20%)

Did the student demonstrate an ability to problem solve?

Did the student engage in a process of research and development, resulting in ideas to improve workplace practice based upon their lived experience?


Criteria 4: Evidence of personal improvement (20%)

Did the student demonstrate the ideas of personal improvement?

Did the student critically evaluate the process of personal development?


Criteria 5: Presentation of Reflection work (including visual presentation and coherence of argument) (10%)

Did the student present their work professionally, with a cohesive narrative?

Did the student implement the Harvard style of referencing correctly throughout?



011 Placement PGMP – 10,000 words (70%) [LO1-6]

For this element of assessment, students are expected to conduct an academic research project which addresses an issue/research problem within your workplace.


The report should be written in an academic style of a Postgraduate Major Project, drawing on the learning taken from your Research Methods in Business module.  However, your contribution to knowledge should focus on practical implications, rather than theoretical or methodological implications.


Assignment Details:

The 10,000-word report should be a reflection of the research the student has conducted within the organisation they are working for.

It needs to demonstrate the ability to identify a problem or issue that requires further research.  It should also demonstrate an understanding of the process of research and problem solving.

Within the report, students should reflect on how well the theories used apply to the organisation. Leading to conclusions to how the problem/issue might be addressed by the organisation.

The report needs to be written in an academic style, using appropriate academic literature to support the analysis.  For example, academic journal articles, industry reports, and practitioner publications.


011 Marking Criteria:

Criteria 1: Problem identification (30%)

  1. Did the student identify and explore a current issue or research problem in their placement?
  2. Is there a clear purpose and rationale for the study?
  3. Is there a clear set of aims and objectives / research questions?

Criteria 2: Theoretical Analysis (30%)

  1. Did the student analyse this issue / research problem using theories from your Master’s degree course?
  2. Did the student make reference to substantial wider reading, from appropriate academic sources (including journal articles and practitioner-based materials)?
  3. Was the range of literature used suitable and adequate, relating to the identified problem?

Criteria 3: Reflection (20%)

  1. Did the student reflect on how well this theory applies to their current work context (industry/market)?

Criteria 4: Conclusions (10%)

  1. Did the student draw appropriate conclusions (practical implications) based upon their learning and practical experience, noting how the problem might be addressed by the organisation?

Criteria 5: Presentation (10%)

  1. Did the student present their work professionally, with a cohesive narrative?
  2. Did the student implement the Harvard style of referencing correctly throughout?


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