This is a Dropbox/Discussion assignment which means you must first submit your assignment to this Dropbox, and then also post it to the corresponding Discussion.

To receive credit, you must complete your Dropbox submission, and then copy/paste it to the Discussion before viewing other posts:

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Submit your assignment to this Dropbox.

Review the Turnitin Report. See tutorial: Reviewing a TurnItIn Report

Resubmit if necessary (20% Similarity and above is a red flag).

Copy and paste your assignment to the Discussion. You must post before viewing others’ posts.

Complete a reply post.

Note: No credit will be given if the Dropbox submission OR Discussion post is missing. Both must be submitted. Both must be the same. Your Dropbox submission will be graded after your Discussion post and reply have been completed.

Instructions: The Employment Relationship

For this assignment, you will choose a topic you would like to learn more about from the Ethics textbook chapter on Employment Relationship: Rights and Responsibilities, and then research a recent article about that topic. Write three paragraphs, as follows:

Topic Summary (150 words minimum)

Name your chosen topic, and summarize the information provided in the Ethics textbook about the topic. Use your own words. Do not use quotations. Paraphrase the information, and provide in-text citation(s) with page number(s), where appropriate.

Article Summary (150 words minimum)

Research a reliable article related to your chosen topic which occurred within the last six months and contains an ethical issue. Be sure to review the Research Help materials. Summarize the article; use content, key terms, and concepts from the Ethics textbook. Use your own words. Do not use quotations. Paraphrase the information, and provide in-text citation(s) with page number(s), where appropriate. Include a link to the article.

Reaction (150 words minimum)

Share your reaction to the article. What was something that surprised you, or that you found interesting? How do you feel about the situation? Is there something you agree with, or something that should have been handled differently? How is the information in the article similar and/or different from what is presented in the Ethics textbook about the topic?

Use the Discussion Grading Criteria to help guide your completion of this assignment.

Dropbox Rules

Use MLA Formatting. Double-space the entire document. Adjust all font color/style/size to black Times New Roman 12 pt. Put the heading in the upper left corner of the first page; include your name, the professor’s name, the course name, and the date. Use the document header to display your last name and page number in the upper right corner of each page. Put the “Works Cited” on the last page, and the total word count at the end of the document.


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