Essay On Police Body Cams

In short, you will be writing this from either a stand point of support or opposition to police being required to wear body cameras. In part, and regardless of your personal view, give some history as to why this is a current topic nationally, and make sure to include some of the positives and negatives associated with police worn body cameras (e.g., costs, privacy issues, compliance, community relations, etc). You will be doing this while also making it very clear to the reader which side of this issue you fall on, and specifically why.

Minimum of 15 double spaced pages; counting title page, abstract, table of contents, and 1 reference page; so 11 pages of actual content) research paper covering the following topic

– The paper must have at least 7 references from primary sources, for example (a) .gov websites, (b) your text, and (c), peer-reviewed journals. Make sure in text references, quotes, and reference list are written in accordance with APA. Note: Encyclopedias of any kind, including the very popular Wikipedia (not allowed at all in this paper), and .com sites are not primary sources and should not be heavily relied on in constructing academic papers. The latter can, however, be useful to help gather some background information and to point the way to more reliable sources.

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Note: All quotes must be encapsulated in quotation marks. Likewise, all papers must be 100% original work to this class. The discovery of past work being used will be treated as cheating, and as is the case for plagiarism, will as a minimum will result in a 0 for the paper.

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