Editing and proofreading—Recommendation letter writing for my boss to sign.

I am finishing up my bachelors in Aeronautical science with a minor in OSCA.


My paper for review:

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To Whom It May Concern:
I have had the pleasure of knowing petty officer Scott in two different commands. At 133 and in FRC (NW). In both commands petty officer Scott has proven to be a vital member of the cammand, She has done everything that has been put infront of her with determination and resilience. Her responsibilities have increased and she has taken it on with stride.
As a Aviation Machinist Mate, she have shoen teamwork with fellow Sailors in getting critical jobs done on the deck plates. Since knowing petty officer Scott she has consistently pursued higher education to improve herself . She encourags Sailors to follow her lead, by setting positive examples and adhere to higher standards.
I will inspire and motivate Sailors with strong communication skills and superior performance. As a Naval officer, I will continue to mentor Sailors; motivate, guide, and inspire them to strive for success in the Navy, and become an affective citizen in our country.

Tenika is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, and a personable young woman. She is always quick on her feet, with sensible reactions in all the circumstances I’ve seen her in. I feel confident in saying that she is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and maturity.
In summary, I highly recommend Tenika Scott for any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue. She will be a valuable asset for any organization.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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