DuE TOMORROW!! must be good a sociolgy, i ahve the concetps for this here PAYS TONIGHT $$$

heres what my teacher said::

  JOURNAL – You are required to keep a journal, using 3 concepts per chapter that we cover up until and including material on Exam 3. The chapters you should include in your journal are: 1-9. The complete journal is due on December 3. ABSOLUTELY NO journals will be accepted after that date AND no journals will be accepted via email! If you do not turn in your journal at the beginning of class on December 3, you will receive a ZERO on this aspect (20%) of your grade. You may turn in the journals at the end of each chapter to get feedback on your work. Your journal must be typed and should be placed in a secure folder so that pages don’t get lost. Please do NOT use a hard binder OR a plastic folder with a slide-on spine. Your journal is 20% of your grade. Journals should reflect an understanding, comprehension and application of sociological concepts. An example of journal entries follows:
I started a job at SAMS about three months ago. When I first started I was a little shy and had a hard time getting to know people there. Everybody was busy and I felt that just learning the job was all I had time to do. I begin to run the register and eventually the same person, George, began to help me load the products into boxes. We began to joke around and eventually, after work one night, he asked me to go get a snack with him. During our conversation, he told me that a new job was opening up in the office that paid more than the cashier job. The next week George asked me to the movie and I went. Eventually we found out we had a lot in common and we began dating on a regular basis. I also got the office job!
Concepts used: I began my job in a bureaucracy (an organizational model rationally designed to perform task efficiently) and started out in several secondary groups (a large and impersonal social group whose members pursue a specific goal or activity). Eventually I became friends with George and due to this primary group (a small social group whose members share personal and enduring relationships) I not only found a significant other (a person whose opinions matter and one that influences one’s self-esteem and social behavior) but also a raise!

 HELLO!!   so CHAt is not working for me caus emy computer sucks so i can only use the message, look dont message me unless your sure you can do this and do it liek the example 

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  so 3 cocepts per chapter and thats 9 chapters you need to do 27 concepts i found a link online thats a Quiz study guide that has some chapter concepts on it 


the name of the book is You May Ask Your Self 

 use the info you get from the online quiz resource for like the key concepts .

   to contact me just message me back i will reload the page over and over again since the chat for this site doesnot work on my computer… thank you guys so much i love you!!


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