Discussion Question: Do managers have the right to monitor the e-mail messages of employees?

1. Answers to discussion questions should be no less than 200 or more than 300 words.



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2. In addition to material from the textbook, students should seek additional scholarly sources of information to enhance their discussion question response. A minimum of two (2) outside sources of information must be used. The textbook may not be considered an outside source of information. Please see Section VII of the Syllabus, Obtaining Information, for directions on use of outside sources.




3. All quotations and paraphrases used must be properly cited, including information from the textbook. Thestudent should also include a list of references for the citations used.




4. The format for citations and references must conform to the format specified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Six Edition (commonly referred to as the APA).




5. In addition to posting their answer to the discussion question, students are required to reply to at least two (2) other student’s responses. Responses to other student’s posts are expected to be well-thought-out adding their own insights to the topic under discussion. Post responses must be least 50 words in length. Students are not required to cite outside sources in their replies to other student’s posts.




6. Students will be graded based on their response to the question and their two responses to other student’s discussion questions.




7. Format for responding to Discussion Questions:




When responding to a discussion question, always begin by listing the discussion question number and whether you are posting a response or replying to a post. For example: 




“Question 1 – Post: The key components of the communication process are…..”








“Question 1 – Reply: I agree with Jane’s post listing the key components of the communications process. However, I would like to also point out…..”




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