Discussion Question

For this first discussion, you will be required to respond to the question below. You will need to have read and reviewed the lecture on section I, the introduction, and section II, the theories of victimization.

FOR ALL DISCUSSIONS, make certain to review the guidelines on discussion posts (see syllabus) if you are uncertain of how to approach the post. More importantly, you MUST submit a substantive reply to another student’s post, AND, you are required for this discussion to provide evidence to support your argument. Again, see the course syllabus for an example. 


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First, explain to the class the relationship between victimization and offending (section II), making certain to draw support from the readings for your explanation. Then, you will need to conduct a 20-30 minute internet investigation and locate an empirical research article focused on female offenders or female victims. Summarize the article and present the major findings to the class.


1.) Copy and paste the link (to where you found your article) and post into your discussion so that other students may view the info later.

2.) List at least 4 major findings/main statistics presented in your article on crimes committed by women or delinquent/deviant behavior.

3.) Finally, discuss with the class which victimization theory (as explained in lecture part II) you believe can best be applied to your article (if not already presented in paper). Explain why.


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