Below are some questions to get you started. They are meant as a starting place; you do not need to feel as though you should answer all of them. The idea is that you will find new ways to respond and react to texts that you read, apart from the more rigorous academic work you are doing with your research paper.

Please read the attachment.

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•    Alan Ehrenhalt, “The Misguided Zeal of the Privacy Lobby,” pp. 270-273
•    Barbara Dority, “Halt and Show Your Papers!” pp. 273-278

What is your position on the debate about national ID cards? Authors Ehrenhalt and Dority both make compelling cases for and against the use of such cards, and for the most part, their debates are grounded in questions of privacy for American citizens. What is privacy? What does it mean to have privacy? Ehrenhalt writes in 1999, and Dority writes in 2002. How might these two author’s change their arguments based on the kinds of technology that we have today—smart phones, GPS trackers, spyware, and more. Is privacy achievable in our advanced state of technological development? Would national ID cards really make a difference in privacy one way or another?

If you quote from the readings above, use quotation marks, and supply in-text citations with the author’s last name, date of publication, and page number. Note that the information provided there is not in APA format. If you use outside sources (for example, if you quote a news article), you need to use in-text citations and include reference list citations.

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