Computer Science Networking

  1. Which one of these is NOT an “end node”.
    1. Web server
    2. Mail client
    3. Home computer
    4. Router


  2. If we want to read the formal documentation of TCP/IP, where do we find it: ____________________________


  3. The TCP protocol has mechanisms to detect erroneous and lost packets and recover from errors so that the application receives all data in order. Does this mean it is a “reliable” or “best effort” protocol. ________________________


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  4. Skype is “peer to peer”, not client server. What does this mean:



  5. A business contracts with ATT (phone company) to provide a dedicated 100 Megabits per second link between their Canton office and their Columbus office. Even though to the business, they have a “dedicated” link, the link is provisioned by going through man facilities in ATT’s network including shared fiber optic cables. This link is an example of (___) circuit switched or (___) packet switched?


  6. When you make a land line telephone call, this is an example of (___) circuit switched or (___) packet switched?


  7. DSL and Dial-up both use the same twisted pair wire coming into a home or office. Why is DSL preferred? ___________________________


  8. In the area around Malone, Time Warner provides cable modem service they call “Road Runner”. Time Warner is a national company providing service in many (but certainly not near all) communities. Would you guess Timer Warner is a Tier-1, 2, or 3 ISP? _______________

    Why? ________________________________________


  9. Of the four kinds of delay in a network, which one can not be predicted based on link speeds, distances, and message lengths? __________________________


  10. Of the four sources of delay, which one is the dominant reason it takes longer to send a 4Gig movie than a 6Meg music file? ____________________________


  11. Of the four sources of delay, which one becomes much longer on satellite links? _______________________________


  12. Both DSL and Cable can provide service in the Megabits per second range to homes. Which is more prone to being slow when everyone in the neighborhood is using it heavily? ______________



  13. Match:_____ The cable to homes used for A. Coaxial cable POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) B. Twisted pair _____ The cable to homes which can carry TV, Internet, and phone C. Satellite link _____ The cable used by carriers for D. Fiber optic long distance communication between major routers.


  14. If you have a wireless access point in your room, your computer sends data to it wirelessly, That wireless router than plugs into the Ethernet port. Later, the date travels via fiber optic cable between buildings on Malone’s campus. Describe how it is possible to change from wireless to twisted pair to fiber for the same data. The key thing for you is to use correct network terms.





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