Competing Siblings

I would like to add dialogue that shows interaction between the brothers and how competitive the two were. Also, a deep and descriptive moment where that shows pain that the main character felt. Don’t just say he felt a certain way describe the moment fully.

The story is a story that I purchased on write my papers and just need more added to it to make it interesting…


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Ronald White was the son of Mr. and Mrs. White and the sole beneficiary of the family’s

business. After finishing his undergraduate degree he joined his father’s company as the human

resources manager. He was able to enhance the company’s production, something that made his

father very proud of him and he was assured that the business was going to be left in excellent

hands after his passing. After five years of working for his father Ronald decided to get married

and the couple was blessed with two sons named Reagan and Ryan White. One fall Mr. White

past on and the business was left to his son Ronald White to run it.

The company continued to perform very well. Because of this, Ronald was able to give

his family the best. His sons Ryan and Reagan had very different personalities. Ryan was a

humble, critical and reserved person whereas Reagan was more of an outgoing person with

a short temper that paid little attention to details. Ryan would perform excellently in school

whereas Reagan would perform fairly. This made Reagan repeat the same class and they were

now in the same class. Occasionally Reagan would drag Ryan into fights in school so that their

parents would not view him as the golden child and when they were caught, Reagan would

also tattle tell on his brother. These personalities became more intense when the two went to

college. Ryan worked hard and his performance was impressive. However, Reagan barely

made it to next academic year. Ryan would give advice to his brother about the importance of

education but Reagan would dismiss him because he was the older brother.

Ryan’s success in education made his brother jealous of him. When both brothers were

done with their undergraduate degree their father offered them an opportunity to work in the

company. Reagan accepted the offer. Unlike Reagan, Ryan wanted to continue with his studies

and get a Masters in Economics and Finance.

Mr. Ronald White respected his son’s wishes and gave the Human Resource department

to Reagan to manage it and sent Ryan to Britain for his postgraduate studies. After one year,

Ryan was done with his studies and came back home to join his father and brother in the

business. When he made it home he found things to be very different from the way he had left

them. Despite the fact that the company was making substantial profits, many of the employees

had been laid-off and their production lines decreased. Also, he found that his father had fallen

ill and most of the company’s profits were used for his treatment. Ryan expressed his interest in

taking his father’s position as the director of the business while his receiving medical treatment.

This did not sit well with his brother because Reagan thought he would be the sole inheritor

of the business because he’s the one that stayed around and helped with the business when his

brother decided to leave to further his studies. Their father was left to make a tough decision

between letting Reagan- the faithful son who chose to remain behind and work in the company

to manage the company solely or with his brother who had the skills and knowledge to ensure its

continued survival. This hard decision made his health take a negative spin and caused him to be

readmitted into the hospital. Ryan asked the doctor in charge to carry out a full body examination

to determine the cause of the pain in his father’s lower back.

After a series of tests it was confirmed that Ronald had a tumor in the lower part of his

backbone and operation was not possible because the tumor had migratory cancer cells. The

doctor stated that the cancer cells had spread and that he was in the final stages. There was little

the doctors could do apart from just managing the pain. The news shocked everyone in the

family and they decided to seek the diagnosis of a second doctor. Unfortunately the results and

doctor’s advice were the same and to make the situation worse time and money had been spent.

Ronald knew he had to make a decision soon before he was incapacitated.

Finally, he made the decision to give his position to Ryan because he was in a better

place to lead the company. This decision built a wedge between the two brothers. Reagan wanted

to see his brother fail so that he could change their father’s mind. At work, Reagan tried his

best to sabotage his brother. He tried to create negative relationship between the institutions

that bought their products by using his old gang ties to threaten personnel in the institutions and

spread rumors about the company and its products. The business suffered a massive blow when

two of its major customers decided not to renew their contracts because of treats and allegations

that were being spread. However, Ryan was able to overcome this by attracting other institutions

such as construction companies who wanted customized safety shoes for their employees. These

new customers were well established and paid better for their goods. This made the net profit of

In addition, he formed a corporate social responsibility department that was mandated

with the responsibility of creating activities to encourage interactions between the community

and the company. These went a long way in improving the business image and in discrediting the

allegations and rumors that were been spread thus, ensuring that the sales of the business were

not affected. On top of trying to destroy the good business relationship the company had with

its customers, Reagan made sure that his department was spotless and that the employees were

motivated and ready to work to enhance the company’s production and reduce costs.

Despite Reagan’s hard work to discredit his brother’s efforts, his brother was able to

overcome the challenges and emerge victoriously.


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