Compensation and Benefits

Using the company that you selected (T Mobile Carrier), research the compensation and benefits of this organization. Submit an APA formatted research paper that addresses the compensation and benefits at this organization.

If these details are unavailable for the organization you chose, you may research those topics below in general, and present recommendations on the bulleted items below. You must make a decision on which one would be best for the organization in the final paper.

All papers must include four outside resources to support your analysis. All projects should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion. For this project you should:

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  • Describe the formal pay structure within the organization.
  • Describe any benchmarking activities undertaken by the organization. Include information as to whether the organization offers a competitive compensation structure. Describe incentives offered by the organization.
  • Describe any profit sharing, stock ownership programs that are available.
  • Describe both the legally mandated as well as the voluntary benefits offered by the organization.
  • Describe the cost of the benefits to the organization.
  • Describe how benefits are communicated to employees.
  • Describe any problems associated with compensation policies of the organization.
  • Describe the environmental factors that have influenced compensation and benefits of the organization.
  • Describe any current issues faced by the organization as they relate to compensation and benefits.
  • Due 12/1/2012
  • T Mobile has to be in the Paper


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