Chapter 9


This week’s lessons were designed to  show us the value of expressing conflict in a group and of managing it  productively. I hope you will be less fearful of disagreements and will  have some tools and skills for managing conflict so the group is helped  rather than hurt.

With that said, select two of the five  conflict scenarios and write out scripts of  how you think they would  play out without thinking about conflict and being sensitive towards  others.  Then, discuss how you believe they could have been improved using the knowledge and tools from Chapter 9.  

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  1. A brother (or sister) is trying to talk his brother (or sister) out of marrying a particular person.
  2. A manufacturing manager is trying to  talk the quality control manager into rejecting fewer items, while the  quality control manager is trying to convince the other to pay more  attention to quality.
  3. A supervisor is reprimanding a secretary for consistently coming to work 15 minutes late.
  4. A group leader is trying to motivate a  group member who has been slacking off and appears unwilling to perform  work for the group.
  5. A daughter (or son) is trying to talk a parent into letting her (or him) spend the summer traveling alone in Europe.


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