Chapter 1 questions


1. Describe how the specific practices of PVHS in the opening Performance Excellence Pro-file support the principles of TQ.


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5. Cite several examples in your own experience in which your expectations of the quality of goods or services you purchased were met, exceeded, or not met. How did you regard the company after your experience?

9. What implications do you think the forces that will influence the future of quality(see the box“What Will Influence the Future of Quality” in the chapter) will have on management practice?

11. Think of a product with which you are familiar. Describe the eight“multiple quality dimensions” listed in this chapter (e.g., performance, features, and so on) for this product that are listed in this chapter. 

13. Explain the differences between manufacturing and service organizations and their implications for quality. 

14. A car rental agency surveys its customers on the following characteristics:

•Cleanliness of the rental facility

•Courtesy of staff

•Efficiency of vehicle pickup/return

•Cleanliness of vehicle

•Professionalism of staff in explaining the contract and options 

how would you classify each of these according to the five key service quality dimensions? What dimensions are missing?

15. Describe the key principles of TQ. (Total Quality system)

17. Why is a customer focus a critical element of a high-performing organization.

20. In what ways might the lack of top management leadership in a quality effort hinder or destroy it?

22. Why is measurement important in an organization pursuing TQ and performance excellence?


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