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Your task 

1. Review the workplace information in appendix 1 and relevant simulated workplace documentation and resources and briefly describe the organization, its products or services, and its current markets.

2. Investigate and identify two marketing opportunities to enter a new market, with current or new products and two opportunities to introduce new products to your current markets. Consult relevant stakeholders (assessor/fellow trainees as organizational roles specified by your assessor.

3. Analyze and write (document) these opportunities in a report in terms of:

a. their potential contribution to your organization’s business

b. their fit with your organisation’s goals and capabilities

c. likely impact on your current business and customers  Management Assignment Help

d. external influences on the financial viability of each opportunity

e. provable return on investment and potential competitors

4. Evaluate required changes to current operations of the café to take advantage of newly identified and evaluated opportunities by documenting:


a. what changes needed to current operations for the implementation of the identified marketing opportunity

b. changes needed to maintain the current quality of customer service

c. estimate the resources required to make the necessary changes

5. Evaluate and rank these two marketing opportunities in terms of their:

a. Viability

b. Likely contribution to the business

6. Identify and detail the legislation, regulations, codes of practice and national standards affecting marketing operations

7. After completing above activities, meet with your Café directors (your assessor) to communicate viability of making changes to current operations

8. Finalise your documentation of newly identified marketing opportunities and required changes

9. Review the work you have documented to ensure they are complete and

10. Submit the report to your directors for approval (your assessor).  Management Assignment Help

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Management Assignment Help

Your Task: 
This section of the project requires you to answer a series of questions and scenarios relating to monitoring performance and responding to performance data. Each question must be answered.
1. Using your completed business plan, who are the relevant parties to whom you need to communicate the business plan? Which details does this need to include for each party in terms of performance requirements and timeframes? Management Assignment Help


2. What are the skilled labor requirements in the organization to implement the business plan? Provide an overview of skilled labour in each department.
3. Provide 2 examples of how you could test the performance measurements you have set for your business plan.
4. List 5 examples for reports and when these would have to be provided to the various departments in your organization in terms of timelines and importance.
5. You have noticed that an important product line offered by your organization becomes inconsistent due to supply issues. Which actions do you need to take?
6. On occasion, it may be necessary to refine performance indicators as the set target is exceeded or can no longer be achieved. List 2 examples where a performance indicator needs to be refined.
7. Your Food and Beverage department showed an underperformance of targeted sales by 5 % last month and again by 7 % this month. The occupancy rate at the hotel for the same period showed an increase in the average 4% with high profile customers and the number of covers in the restaurant increased on average by 7 %. There have been also a number of indications from customers that service attendance is average. Which potential factors for training could this indicate?
8. What is the purpose of continuous improvement? How would this be reflected in a business plan? Provide 2 examples. Management Assignment Help

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Management Assignment Help

To identify contemporary trends in today’s global business environment This assessment will address the following unit learning outcomes:

1. Students will demonstrate familiarity with the academic literature.

2. Students will demonstrate the capacity to write persuasive reports containing sound recommendations, in preparation for a career in business or government. Management Assignment Help


 Please choose one question only from the following:

1. Using the Internet, research the prices of several products in one or more foreign countries and compare them to their prices in the home country where the goods are produced. What factors do you think determine the foreign prices? Do you think any of the prices are artificially high or low in one country or another?

2. Managers and leaders are continually required to make decisions – to make ‘right’ decisions. However, decision-making is affected by biases. Discuss some of the common biases in decision-making and how they might be overcome.

3. Some researchers predict the major impacts of information technology still to come into the workplace. Discuss.

4. Assessing an individual’s performance and productivity are major challenges for managers.  Automating various processes has been identified as a way of improving performance. What are the implications of automation in contemporary organizations particularly professional jobs?

5. Discuss and identify how ‘globalization’ impacts business today. What are some competencies that are necessary for international managers?

6. Discuss why an understanding of national culture is crucial for multinational enterprises seeking to operate in a global business environment. Outline the dimensions commonly used in describing national culture.

7. Discuss the role of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) in today’s world. Give practical  examples for your arguments.  Management Assignment Help

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Management Assignment Help

Assessment Details: 

In the final assessment task, you are required to individually continue to build your understanding gained from Assessment task 1 and the decisions regarding the target market and recommended strategies you made in Assessment 2.

To complete this stage of the marketing plan, you will develop a tactical implementation plan applying the marketing mix (4 Ps), budget (schedule) the costs of the implementation, determine the forecast (return on investment) and establish the required metrics and controls applicable to developing the competitive advantage in the marketplace for your brand.

Throughout the assessment, you will consider the ethical, social and cultural issues in the marketing context and demonstrate professional skills through critical thinking in developing a logical and commercially robust marketing implementation plan that will meet the marketing objectives and strategic competitive position.

The plan must be original. It cannot be like any programs previously undertaken within the industry in either Australia or any international markets. It must demonstrate creative ability to achieve competitive advantage and position of the brand in the market, ultimately to achieve the desired marketing objectives.

Your budget for the plan is AUD6 million and this excludes marketing production costs such as agency fees. Cost schedules have been provided for most media and other activities. Please refer to canvas to incorporate into your costing models.

This assessment does not have a word limit. However, it is expected this will be a substantial piece of work when including the appendix. All work must be professionally presented (either as a report or in a presentation format). The work must be referenced throughout and contain a reference list. Correct application and use of an appendix is expected – for example, all detail supporting statements must be shown in the appendix and correctly signposted within the body of the report or presentation. The appendix may contain relevant information from the previous two assessment tasks where required.  Management Assignment Help


Assessment criteria 

The assessment requires you to: 

• Respond to macro and micro factors impacting the marketing context

• Demonstrate an awareness of ethical, social and cultural issues and the need to exercise the professional skills of a marketing manager and their responsibilities

• Apply analysis and critical thinking to achieve growth objectives and solve brand issues

• Develop the necessary marketing strategy using a variety of carefully selected marketing tools that will achieve maximum competitive advantage

• Apply critical analysis and critical thinking skills, develop the work to a professional management standard including visual presentation, structure and use of language. Management Assignment Help

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Business Assignment Help

Australia Post delivers mail to millions of Australians every year and to over 190 countries worldwide, and during 2017 they posted an after tax profit of $95.4 million (Australia Post, n.d.).
You have been employed by Australia Post on a one year contract as a Change Manager to implement the extension of trading hours from 12pm to 5pm on Saturdays in 5 post offices in NSW. This is a pilot program (to test out the change) prior to changes being rolled out in post offices across Australia.
Change management involves extensive consultation with internal and external key stakeholders, and can include development of a wide range of documentation. For example, policy and procedures manuals, communication plan and materials, training plan and materials, reporting plan, development of key performance indicators, and a review plan for ongoing feedback and monitoring to implement continuous improvement (QGCIO, n.d.).
As this change process will be used for future rollouts in post offices across Australia, it is critical that extensive formal monitoring and evaluation be undertaken of these 5 post offices to identify any changes to the process that may be needed.  Business Assignment Help


Your Task
1. Explain the activities and components involved in the change management process or cycle and strategies for communicating and embedding change for this Australia Post pilot project.
2. Explain how you believe organisational behaviour and the external environment might impact on change strategies you may implement for this Australia Post project.
3. Develop a Change Management Project Plan for the extension of hours on Saturdays at 5 NSW Post Offices, ensure you identify the tasks necessary, allocate priorities, resources and timings to each task, and prepare a risk management analysis.
4. Based on your review of Australia Post corporate documentation, please also identify and list in your Change Management Project Plan the key internal and external stakeholders (include the names of the company management positions) you would consult on this project, and indicate what method you would use to consult them, and when you would consult them
5. In your Change Management Project Plan please include planning for the timing of approvals and indicate which positions in the organisation will approve each activity.
6. Discuss what you consider might be the barriers to change for this new initiative, and what strategies you could put in place to address them.
7. Develop a Communication Plan for educating staff on the changes and their implementation, including what communication activities will be undertaken, by whom and when, and what the key messages of the communication activity will be.
8. Develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, including design of at least 3 key performance indicators that can be used to review and evaluate the Change Management Project Plan, and modify future similar projects to roll out this change to operating hours across all NSW Post Offices. Business Assignment Help

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Business Assignment Help

Assignment 4 – the Individual Reflective Journal – is to ensure each student is able to contribute to document a critical reflection of their personal learning process, as experienced during this unit. It will be best to build your journal progressively, by making notes each week, starting at week 1 and going through to week 12. Your notes will serve as a reminder of which sections you personally contributed to, what you learnt, and how you experienced the learning process.

A significant aspect of the learning journal will be your reflections on how well your team co-operated in the various phases of the Business Research Project, i.e. Topic Approval, Literature Review, and Methodology. Business Assignment Help


Assignment Structure should be as the following: 

1. My personal contribution to the topic selection, problem definition, research question, writing of topic approval submission, and team charter. How I experienced this and what I learnt from it.

2. My personal contribution to the literature review report, i.e. search process, summarising of relevant articles, designing the outline/argument/structure of the literature review, writing up the literature review. How I experienced this and what I learnt from it.

3. My personal contribution to the research methodology report, i.e. my role in discussions about methods, sampling, questionnaire design, data collection, analysis and interpretation. How I experienced this and what I learnt from it.

4. My reflections on the research experience, insights I gained, and any issues, struggles, challenges, synergies I experienced, individually and in the teamwork

5. My statement indicating which sections of this research project I personally wrote and what I learned from this experience. Business Assignment Help

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Management Assignment Help

To develop your understanding of the core and current management frameworks, theories and tools, and your ability to assess critically their relevance to leading and managing in the 21st century Management Assignment Help

2. To help you select and adapt techniques and approaches appropriate to your management context, in order to have a real impact on your management practice

3. To develop interpersonal and conceptual skills that will help you use ideas and frameworks to make sense of and work with organisational complexity Management Assignment Help


4.  To challenge your thinking and practice by reflecting upon them critically in the light of the ideas you encounter and through debate with others

5. To enhance your ability to plan and implement change through the use of inquiry and creative thinking, which will have a real impact within your organizational context.

All questions to be answered compulsorily. Questions are drawn from Illycaffè. Before attempting each question, please ensure that you read the website and answer accordingly.

About Illycaffè:

Illycaffè (branded as illy) is an Italian coffee roasting company that specializes in the production of espresso and it is part of the family-owned holding company Gruppo illy SpA, with interests in chocolate, tea, wine and confections. Study the websites of illy and Università del Caffè  and answer the following questions.


Q1 Identify a stakeholder group for each of the 9 Cs for the illy Caffè franchise business.

Q2 Use Schein’s iceberg model of culture to describe the organisational culture of illy.

Q3 As a manager of Illy Café, you are required to present a report to CFO of the company on the lucrativeness of company for prospective investment.

Q4 What are the behavioural and psychographic segmentation criteria of the illy online retail business? (700 words, 20 marks)

Q5 How has illy evaluated its global sourcing alternatives and which decisions has it arrived at?  Management Assignment Help

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Business Communication Assignment Help

Reflect on the principles of academic and professional integrity.

ULO2: Apply clear, evidenced based, coherent and independent exposition of knowledge and ideas in

ULO3: Demonstrate understanding of the writing process in the production of various types of academic and business communications.

ULO4: Follow etiquette conventions to create formal business communications.


Assessment Description Students are required to submit an 800 word reflection on what they have learned and how they have performed throughout the trimester.

Content and Structure This assessment is to demonstrate that you have learned theories and practice of business communications, and how important those theories are to business communications. You are to discuss how you have performed throughout the trimester and reflect on what you believe you have taken away from doing this unit. Content You should write it like a journal but should not be just like a diary. To do this consider the following:

• What you learned throughout the trimester

• What were the main theories covered

• What issues you had

• How you performed

• What things do you still need to improve.  Business Communication Assignment Help

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Management Assignment Help

This is not a group assignment. It is an individual assignment to be completed by yourself.

This assignment requires you to create a personal learning portfolio (PLP). The purpose of this portfolio is to help you develop in the role as a project leader. The key activities that will help you build the portfolio are:

1. Reflection – thinking about the questions and activities based on your own experience, capabilities and intentions.

2. Collaboration – exchanging ideas with your colleagues, friends and mentors and testing out the solutions and directions you have arrived at.

3. Information – researching further, using your existing knowledge, using ECU library, using academic journals and industry publications, the internet, business and the materials presented in this unit.

Additional instructions: 

• There are 5 portfolio exercises for you to do.

• You should write no more than 1000 words for each exercise (excluding references).


• The PLP is worth up to 50% of your final unit grade.

• The marking guide is shown in the Unit Plan (available on Blackboard). Management Assignment Help

• Ensure you use APA 6th compliant referencing.

The assignment is due by the date shown on Blackboard and must be submitted as a single Microsoft

Word document via the submission link under the ‘Assignment’s tab on Blackboard.

Portfolio Entry 1 

Using the material in the unit and from your own research, assess yourself as a leader by writing a ‘pen portrait’ of yourself as project leader, and as seen from another person’s perspective. Ensure that you identify which leadership skills and characteristics are defined, and that the portrait reflects activity on a previous, current or future project.

Portfolio Entry 2 

Discuss the following statement with reference to a project, assignment, or another initiative you have been involved with: “While project management is an activity undertaken with others, the projects themselves involve these other people doing—or not doing—just what is needed. This happens in an environment where the project manager has far less authority than responsibility, and it is this limitation of authority that characterizes the project manager’s role and propels the most successful project managers to demonstrate leadership.”

Portfolio Entry 3 

With reference to the work you have done for Portfolio Entry 1 and 2, devise and run a technique that you can use to address the following questions: Management Assignment Help

• Which leadership style suits you best?

• How does this fit with your favoured team roles?

• How will you bolster the parts (roles) that you’re not so good at?

• How will you manage to delegate those parts that you love doing?

• How will you ensure that the parts you favour least, still get the attention they need for good project leadership?

Portfolio Entry 4 

Make a list of at least three incidents that you have been involved in and that posed ethical dilemmas. Put yourself in the position of your project leadership mentor. Using this vantage point, write a letter to yourself that critiques your handling of each incident. Then, looking back on all the incidents as a whole, summarise the implications in terms of your individual character, and the potential effect on future projects you might undertake.

Portfolio Entry 5 

Reflective practice within a project team is important. Create an appropriate system for reflective practice on a future project you might be working on. This system should encourage reflection on practice by members of your future team, and result in suggestions for change, development and improvement. Management Assignment Help

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Business Management Assignment Help

Critically assess the key principles and theories underlying strategic people management and explain how their application enhances organizational and individual performance.

c) Demonstrate effective communication and practical problem-solving skills to effectively manage people in a range of organizational contexts  Business Management Assignment Help

d) Critically reflect on the roles and functions that managers perform in the context of the challenges and risks they have to address in the changing environment.

e) Develop and justify a model of management cognizant of the organizational minutiae to guide future practice.



Self-awareness creates an opportunity for further development and personal success.

This reflective analysis is designed for you to explore the subject’s introductory content and importantly, identify how it relates to your own experiences and how you may use it in the future

In reflecting upon the module topics, you should explore questions such as: 

1. What is in the content and why is this topic important?

2. How is the topic relevant to you?

3. What has been your past experience in this topical area?

4. What have you learnt from the content so far and how will you use it in the remainder of the subject or in your workplace?  Business Management Assignment Help

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