Business Behaviour (the case of home work are in the attachment)



B300B – Business Behaviour in Changing World (II)

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Fall Semester 2012 -2013

Tutor-Marked Assignment, TMA

This tutor-marked assignment draws mainly on Book “Strategy for Business”. It also reflects on Book “Policy Issues for Business”. It consists of four questions and accounts for 20% of the total grade assigned to the course. This assignment will be graded out of 100 marks, of which 80% of these marks will be allocated to your answer for the different questions. The remaining 20% will be distributed among the following criteria:

  • 5% for proper referencing
  • 5%   for presentation of ideas and organization of the answer
  • 5%   for adherence to specified word count
  • 5%   for the use of the E-library/External resources.


In this TMA, you are expected to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the importance of strategic management in acquiring and improving the market position of organizations. You are also, required to apply various learned concepts in innovation, knowledge management, and global strategy. In addition, you should be able to recognize the importance of science and technology policy for, individuals, businesses and nations.

In your answer, your work is expected to show critical, analytical and justification skills of the subject matter, rather than purely descriptive. Your answer should be within the specified range of words, and you must follow the Harvard Style of Referencing. You are expected to present a well-structured and organized piece of work that is of your own.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and plagiarized work will receive 0 marks.


Hyundai Motor Company


Based on your understanding of the case, answer the followings.

Question 1

Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) went through some difficulties during the 1980s and 1990s that affected its market position and brand image, in particular its U.S subsidiary, Hyundai Motor America (HMA). Identify the problems faced by HMC and the strategies it has adopted to improve its competitive position (on both domestic and foreign markets). Discuss to what extent these strategies were successful (25 marks – 1000 words).


Question 2

Discuss and analyze the approach that Hyundai has adopted for its global strategy (20 marks – 750 words).


Question 3

Reference to the material presented in book Strategy for Business, which theory/concept that the strategies of Hyundai were based on. You need to critically justify your argument (20 marks – 750 words).


Question 4

Identify and analyze (i) the technology policy that was adopted and implemented by Hyundai and (ii) the local (i.e., Korean) and international policies that affected Hyundai’s performance (15 marks – 500 words).


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