biology lab

1. In Lab 5, you observed enzyme activity by testing a cracker for the presence of sugars before and 

after chewing it for 5 minutes. State the following:

a) the name of the enzyme involved, 

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b) the reaction it catalyzes,

c) its substrate, and 

d) the results you would expect to see in the test for sugars if this reaction happened while the 

cracker was chewed. 


2. In Lab 5, you tested the starch and sugar content of a cracker under three different conditions: a) 

before digestion with amylase; b) after digestion with a prepared solution of amylase; and c) after 

digestion with amylase from human saliva in your or your lab partner’s mouth.  Describe your results 

from each of these three experiments, comparing the color changes you observed, and explain what 

you think your results mean.  (Note:  if your results do not match what you might predict from the 

reaction, explain why you think they did not turn out as expected.) 


3. According to Wright, science is shaped by principles that scientists bring to their work. In your own 

words, describe the shaping principles discussed by Wright in Ch. 3 and in lecture, and how they can 

influence the process of science. 


5. Wright describes four categories of limitations of the scientific method. List these four categories, 

and briefly describe each one in your own words.


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