1. Read pages 204-206 of the textbook. Then read Philemon. What contrast can be found in verses 8-9, and where else in this letter do you see Paul making the same contrast?

2. Now read pages 182-186 of the textbook. What is “the Colossian heresy”? Now read Colossians. As you read, make a note of anything that may help free the Colossian Christians of this heretical thinking.

3. Find an image of Christ that depicts his “cosmic supremacy” (see textbook pg. 185, first full paragraph). (Feel free to search Google images or to find pictures of artwork that depicts Jesus or to draw your own image if you’d like). Find a passage in Colossians that depicts Christ similarly to this image, and make a note of what elements are present in both the image and the passage.

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Now read Ephesians, thinking about the next few questions as you read. (You do not need to read ch. 14 of the textbook.)

4. As you read, make an outline of Ephesians. For each section (about a chapter or half chapter) write one sentence or phrase that describes what that section is about. Do NOT consult outlines others have made. Let this be your own observations. (There are no wrong answers!)

5. Make a note of all the references to a body or to actions involving the body (standing, walking, sitting, etc.) in Ephesians. Then write a couple sentences summarizing how the body helps us think about truth according to Ephesians.

6. In what ways do you think the household code of Ephesians 5:21-6:9 apply today? Do social codes like this apply in the same way to all cultures (ancient Greek and Roman, modern US) and times, or should things be different? Why or why not?

7. Now read Philippians. (Chapter 15 of the textbook is again optional.) What specific words and conceptual themes are repeated in this letter? What kind of tone does the repetition create?

8. In what ways have the Philippians ministered to Paul? In what ways does he minister to them?


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