Assignment (needed in 7 hours)

Homework Assignment

You are to work alone to analyze and prepare answers/solutions for the following questions and/or case studies. The text should be your primary source of information throughout this course.  

Consolidate your response into one file and submit it to your instructor not later than Sunday Midnight central time. Name your file with your name and the week number, i.e. Jones6 or Brown6.  Your file should be in either Microsoft word (*.doc) or rich text (*.rtf) format.  

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Submit your assignment by attaching it into the Dropbox, by clicking on the Dropbox tab at the top of the course frame and choosing the current week assignment. Do not paste it into the Dropbox.


Week 6 Assignment


You are to prepare answers to the following questions based on the information in the text. Throughout this course, the primary source of information to answer homework questions should be the text book.  Each question has the same point value.

  • If you completed the LEAD self instrument, would you be able to assess your leader’s style?  why, or Why not?
  • Provide four examples of powerless verbal communication.
  • What are the four basic functions of nonverbal cues?  Provide examples of each.
  • What are the guidelines that Carl Rogers proposed to perfect the technique of active listening?


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