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Project Overview & Submission Rules

Total possible: 200 points)
For this assignment,
you are expected to visit an art museum in person and submit proof of attendance. Take notes while at the museum. You will then write a paper on THREE art works from this museum.

Museum Report: Your paper (1000 words) must include proper identification and description of each of the three art works; a discussion of the time period/movement each work fits into; a brief analysis of each work. Your paper must also have an introduction and a conclusion, a heading and proper grammar/spelling/sentence structure. For more detailed guidelines scrolled down to see “Rubric for Grading Museum Paper

Proof of Attendance
Take a photo in front of the museum’s sign or next to one of the museum’s higlights. If you do not have a digital camera, scan or photograph Brochure, Ticket stub, or Postcard bought at the museum shop (front and back).


Note: I need a report on this art works. I have pictures since I visited the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. I just need to write the report.


Queen Henrietta Maria with Sir Jeffrey Hudson, 1633

Michelangelo Buonarroti David-Apollo, c. 1530

Lady Mary Templetown and Her Eldest Son, 1802






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