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Marketing, while not a formal part of your final project, is an important aspect of program planning, design, and evaluation. In order for your program to be effective, you need to get the word out. This presentation identifies how you plan to do that.

For this assignment, develop a brief presentation demonstrating an effective social marketing plan for your program (identified in Milestone One). This marketing plan should follow the five Ps of marketing:

  •   Product: What services and/or product does the program offer?
  •   Place: In what communities or populations will the program be marketed?
  •   Promotion: What is the social marketing message, and how will it be promoted?
  •   Price: How much will this program cost the stakeholders—consumers, payers, and employers?
  •   Profit or Benefit: How will the stakeholders tangibly benefit from the program?
    Guidelines for Submission: Your assignment must be submitted as a 2- to 3-slide presentation with at least three sources, which should be cited according to APA style. You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, or another presentation software approved by your instructor.

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