“An Economic Development Architecture for New Orleans”

Review the following information from the article “An Economic Development Architecturefor New Orleans”, Kevin F. McCarthy (2008).


You are an analyst at FEMA and are in charge of developing a recommendation for both the state and the local governments on whether or not to redevelop New Orleans.

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Write an 8–12-page report with your recommendation in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use proper spelling and grammar throughout, and keep the text legible and balanced with visuals.



Assignment 1 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Evaluate the alternative organizational structures and the economic development proposals being put forward for New Orleans’s economic recovery.


What strategies should the effort employ?


Discuss the decision pitfalls to which constituencies may be susceptible and make a recommendation on how to alleviate those pressures.


How should the effort be organized?



·        How should priorities be assigned, and how should the approach be implemented?

·        Make a case for or against rebuilding the city of New Orleans. This should be an executive summary—be concise and brief. Include exhibits.


Discuss how social heuristics could be used to an advantage, both ethically and unethically, in making a case.


Estimate what percentage of the class was for, versus against, rebuilding and provide a confidence interval for the estimate.


Ensure academic writing, such as grammar, spelling, and attribution of sources, is appropriate.





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