Agency Visit/ inerview/ paper


This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to explore potential Field Placement sites, to arrange for a placement, to apply the concepts related to legal and ethical issues in human services, and to identify ethical dilemmas in human services and apply critical thinking skills to the resolution thereof.

Scheduling the Visit

Make arrangements for the agency visit(s) early in the course. Explore agencies in the area whose services are interesting to you. If you are already working in an agency, you may interview a representative of that agency, as long as it is not your direct supervisor. Schedule the visit for no later than the fourth week of the course.

Information Collection

Collect the following information:

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·   Agency name

·   Name and position of contact

·   Date of interview

·   Services provided by the agency

·   Population served

·   Requirements for agency interns

·   General ethical dilemmas in the human services profession (from the perspective of the interviewee)

·   Ethical dilemmas that are faced by the specific services provided by this agency

·   Legal requirements placed on the agency

·   Specific efforts required for compliance with legal requirements

·   Specific efforts by the agency to assist employees in resolving ethical dilemmas

·   System(s) used to collect client/consumer information

·   Interviewee’s perceptions of the unique challenges currently facing the human services profession

·   Any additional information that the interviewee wishes to share


Write a paper that includes the information you have gathered, as described above.


Prepare a 1000 to 1400 word summary of the information in your presentation. Submit it to your faculty member in the Assignments Section for grading. Your paper should be written in essay format and include an introduction, a conclusion and a resource list.


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