Adjectives are words used to describe nouns and pronouns. They often answer the questions which one? what kind? or…

Adjectives are words used to describe nouns and pronouns. They often answer the questions which one? what kind? or how many? Remember—Adjectives only modify two parts of speech—nouns and pronouns.

Directions: Bold all words functioning as adjectives in the sentences below. Read carefully each sentence.

1. Most investors believe that this venture will be profitable.

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2. Their recommendation was based on Mr. Bradley’s analysis of our market.

3. The prospects for a merger of the two companies seemed excellent.

4. Each teacher nominated one student for the award.

5. The students have not yet completed their tests.

6. Many managers have recommended changes in that policy.

7. A one-month training program produced a large increase in productivity.

8. He bought a ticket an hour before the show.

9. Within a year after the incident, they suffered another loss.

10. Did Mrs. Hampton say what graphics she wants added to this report?

11. He inquired about which dates would be most convenient.

12. Which model did he purchase from them?

13. By the time our plans were finalized, we had accumulated an immense telephone bill.

14. The new chairperson of our executive committee has had wide experience in that field.

15. Two new Canadian companies are competing in the European market.

16. The California fruit crop was threatened by the Mediterranean fruit fly.

17. The mayor made several off-the-record comments.

18. Brittany bought a small, inexpensive car from the dealer.

ADJECTIVES—Limiting, Interrogative, Descriptive, Proper, and Compound -2-

19. Two-thirds of the members voted for the amendment.

20. The 60-story building was donated by that family.

21. Arlene purchased a stylish linen suit.

22. She has not received her income tax return from the government.

23. That appeared to be a fireproof structure.

24. We’ll need lumber in 8-, 10-, and 12-foot lengths.

25. A two-thirds majority is needed to pass the amendment.


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