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I am still a little faulty with my understanding so I am going to try to explain the best that I can. You know that a quadratic has one solution when it actually equals zero. You know that a quadratic results in two answers if the worked out equation is bigger than zero. There are no solutions if the quadratic expression is undefined. I believe that you can find the quadratic formula by reversing the problem. I believe that you can factor. Again I am not sure if I am on the right page. I am struggling.


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I think you did a great job on explaining you’re the ways to determine whether a quadratic equation has one, two, or no solution. I had added a few examples to help it to be more visual. To determine whether a quadratic equation has one, two, or no solutions would be to determine the quantity of an x-intercept. When the y-intercept is zero and the x-intercept has a number than that determines the solution. An example if y=0, and x=3 or x=9 than the quadratic equation has two solutions. If y=0 and x=5, than the quadratic equation has only one solution. If x=0 then there is no solution. I hope this helps you a little on this week’s understanding.




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What a nice contribution for us!  🙂



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Hi Shannon,

I agree with you, the best way for us to determine if a quadratic equation has one or more solutions would be by determine the quantity of an x intercept. These types of equations can be solved by factoring and are also known as equation of degree

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The formula that tells you how many solutions a quadratic equation has is the only way that I know that can indicate the number of solutions. The formula is a handy tool that helps solve the equation. By this, I mean if you have an idea of how many solutions there are, then you will have a better approach to solving the equation. For example if there are two answers, then an appropriate starting point would be to set it equal to zero and try to factor it. If you are only given the solution, you are able to find the equation because of the sign in front of the solution. For example, if -7, and 3 are the solutions. Then the starting point for the equation is (x+7)(x-3). I do not see how it is possible to have a different equation with this same solution of x = -7, 3. Here is another solution to find another equation. X = -1/3, and 1/4. 




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I think that using the quadratic formulas and factoring are the best way to go, although it may take long and they have many steps that you can not skip you make sure the answer is correct and you can do a check, I think the only con with all the methods is that they do take long and it is very easy to get lost by taking one wrong step. However I do prefer factoring just because I think if the answer fits then you have done the steps correctly and it is easier to find the right answer. 




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I think (speaking for myself) I tend to check my work closer when I factor. When I use a graphing calculator I put some instant trust in technology – which is only as accurate as the information I enter. 




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1) The best method for solving quadratic equations would most likely be the factoring method for personally, because I am familiar with factoring equations.  The other methods for solving quadratic equations will most likely have more cons than pros because they require for the student to have some knowledge about those particular methods, speaking for myself I am horrible with graphing any type of equation.

2) It depends on what method suits the student best and which method takes the least amount of time to solve, all of the methods require an ample amount of time but factoring is simply easier for me.


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